Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sound Magic's Neo EQ Review

Ok, ok . . . I gotta start writing. I can’t just keep playing with this plug-in. Why should I get to enjoy myself and play with a plug-in when there’s work to be done? After all, I’m a professional reviewer and there’s a highly respected reputation of impartiality and unbiased reporting at stake here. Can you just come back later, maybe? NO?! Waddaya mean, “NO?!

*Sigh . . . fine then. I’ll write.

This nifty, whiz-bang EQ plug-in is one of the ‘neatest’ VSTs that I’ve loaded up in my DAW since some time.

€49 ($67 USD). Is this so-called “Next Generation” EQ plug-in worth the MSRP?

Read the FULL review HERE:
Sound Magic's Neo EQ Review - Next Gen Pitch Tracking

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