Sunday, April 7, 2013

PSP PianoVerb 2 Review

One of my absolute favorite types of naturally-occurring ambience is that which happens inside of an old upright-grand piano case. When I was an ankle-biter, I would squirm in behind the old 5ft’ tall, upright grand piano in our living room so I could sing - and make who knows what other awful squawks – ‘into’ the back of the piano. Sometimes I’d stand up on the bench so that I could open the top and yell/sing into it. (some would think I was ‘off-the-noodle’, but I didn’t care . . .)

When I first heard of PSP Audioware’s PianoVerb 2, my attention and interest was immediately all ‘jazzed-up’.

Read the FULL review HERE:
PSP PianoVerb 2 Review - A "Grand" Reverb That's Outta Sight, Man!


  1. Indeed, I really loved listening a person playing piano because the piano sound makes me relax. But the information given here is I do not know in piano. This is very great for me because it gains my knowledge when it comes to PSP PianoVerb. Thank you!.

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    1. Thanks a million, Stephanie. I really appreciate the encouragement and yes, PianoVerb 2 is an amazing plug-in. In the not-too-distant future, I will be reviewing PSP 42 & 85. I hope you can keep an eye out for those as well. :)