Tuesday, May 28, 2013

MemoryMoon ME80 Review – Real “Virtual” CS80

Yep! The title of this article is a deliberate phrase of irony and antonymic word play.

But ah’ll tell Yoo wut!” This old-skool Synthedit creation is one of THE MOST authentic-sounding Yamaha CS80 emulation that has ever been made. Yes, I know, there is another famous 64 bit, cross-platform CS80 emu out there, but not for only $40! And may I be so bold as to say that the “other” VSTi doesn’t ‘feel’ as authentic as MemoryMoon’s ME80?

There are those who feel that the fancy-schmancy, eLicensed “other guy” doesn’t exhibit the true-to-form quirkiness and subtle analogue drift of the original hardware.

The CS80 was an expensive unit when it was released in late 1976, costing upwards of $8000, but it could never actually be accused of being “versatile”. It had some very distinct sounds; notably the huge brass and delicate, ambient strings. MemoryMoon’s ME80 is verily dripping with those distinctive tones. ME80 not only emulates the sounds of the original hardware that it is modeled after, but it realistically reproduces the famous polyphonic “aftertouch” which the Yamaha CS80 was so greatly prized for.


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